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Robin: art by Tom Lyle with designs by Neal Adams, Norm Breyfogle, Stephen De Stefano, George Perez and Jim Amparo [ Batman: Knight Gallery ] 

The 1995 DC Comics Elseworlds special “Batman: Knight Gallery” featured the Robin concept designs from artists Neal Adams & Norm Breyfogle, as well as a selection of others from Stephen De Stefano, George Perez, & Jim Aparo– with Tom Lyle stepping in to deliver them in finished form for the book:-

My favourite thing about this is that the subtitle of this book is something like “Bruce Wayne’s Design Sketchbook”. Meaning, these are all his designs, which gives it a whole new level of hilarity.

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  • teacher: alright fold your papers in half
  • entire class: hot dog or hamburger

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"why is second son the way that he is"

"is it because of me"

"is it because he died a little bit once"


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*knocks on your door*

Hello. I’ve heard you’ve been invalidating a male character’s past straight relationships in order to make your slash ship sail. 

Could I interest you on the subject of bisexuality.

It’s free! It’s friendly! It’s perfectly workable with canon! It stops misogynistic fic tropes in order to slash ship in it’s tracks.

Invest in bisexuality today!

Bonus: Buy today and receive a free addition of pansexuality for no extra fee!

I need to get amazing spiderman 2 so I can cry in the comfort of my own home.

"Crime’s the disease… meet the cure! Okay, not the cure: more like a topical ointment that reduces swelling and itch." (x)

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